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According to the requirements of the Russian legislation, the certification of a polished diamond in a Russian gemological laboratory is mandatory for selling it to an individual.

The diamond certificate contains information on its main parameters, such as:

  • cut
  • carat weight
  • color
  • clarity
  • fluorescence

In addition, some measurements of a diamond are to be done, which are:

  • minimum diameter;
  • maximum diameter;
  • length and width (for fancy shaped diamonds);
  • total height;
  • table size;
  • crown angle and pavilion depth;
  • girdle thickness;
  • culet size;
  • symmetry and polish grading.


Diamonds certified in a Russian laboratory are placed in a transparent plastic package, which is sealed in such a way that it damages at the moment of opening.

Transparent plastic blister

The mark of conformance with the Gemstone Certification System is depicted above sealing. A label with the name of the gemological laboratory, the System's conformance mark, the main parameters of the diamond and the certificate number is inserted inside the package.

Russian certificate

Российский сертификат

Diamond conformity certificate

Diamond conformity certificate The certificate form is printed on A4 stamped paper with watermarks and other additional security features. The filled in certificate form is laminated. The certificate also contains a detailed schematic of a polished diamond with all its internal and external inclusions/blemishes.

GIA certificate

At your request, the diamond can also be certified in GIA international laboratory. Certificates issued for the same diamond by different certification centers of the world may differ. This occurs due to specific comprehension of the Western criteria for polished diamond evaluation in the Russian grading system.

Сертификат GIA

GIA certificate


Simple registration:
  • online checkout up to 100,000 rubles;
  • saving selection parameters and diamond order history;
  • consultations with a personal account manager online.
Full registration:
  • prompt order processing for an amount exceeding 100,000 rubles;
  • exclusive offers of a range of polished diamonds;
  • access to participation in electronic auctions.

Large diamonds and fancy-colored diamonds are sold at domestic auctions in Moscow and abroad. The rights to participate in an auction are provided only on condition of the identity authentication. The registration procedure will require the provision of passport data.