How to pick up a diamond jewelry

Every girl should have at least one diamond jewelry. Like other luxury goods, such jewelry is not often bought, so you need to make a thoughtful purchase.

Step first

To make a purchase is in proven stores, where you can choose a really high quality product. In a good store consultants have a special education. Also, buyers are provided with a well-equipped place for visual inspection and analysis of the stone, will provide all the necessary documents that prove the origin of the diamond.

Step two

Diamond jewelry is forever. Therefore, the most important thing is to choose your own thing. Evaluate the assortment of the store and determine for yourself a few jewelry pieces that suit your taste and fit your appearance.

Do you like classic transparent or colored diamonds? Are the stones round or fancy (square, oval, heart, etc.)? Which frame material do you prefer? Do you like the neighborhood of the diamond with other stones or do you prefer one brilliant-cut diamond? These questions should be asked before you go shopping.
Remember that diamonds are very bright stones and attract the attention of others. If you don't want to focus on any parts of your body, you shouldn't decorate them with diamonds.

Step three

Clarify the value and dignity of the stone. Diamonds are usually valued according to the following parameters

The clarity - the ability of a diamond to let in light depends on it. Consider a diamond close up using special tools.
The shape of the cut and the quality of its execution. The better the cut, the brighter the light will be.
Carateness (size of the stone).
Color of the stone. In addition to the classic white diamond, today you can buy a variety of shades of stones. The most expensive are blue and pink diamonds.
After analyzing these positions, you will be sure of your choice.

What is next